Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Phish Rock Out Genesis Tune at Rock And Roll Hall of Fame

I have not watched the DVR'd Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show yet but I did check out the Genesis portion thanks to YouTube. No Peter Gabriel as expected, but Phish busted out a pretty cool version of Watcher of the Skies and it was nice to see Steve Hackett alongside the others for a change.

The shots of bemused suited attendees during the keyboard intro of Watcher are pretty priceless and underscore what I said last time, which is that the Hall is an exclusive club and that the Hall events are more about awards and less about performances, as much as the Time Life people want to tell you differently. And is probably one of the giant reasons they won't have KISS or Rush in yet -- their live shows would completely fry the attendees!

Anyway, check it out before they yank it down. It's pretty awesome, and I have always thought Trey was heavily influenced by Hackett. They do an incredible job and it's pretty cool to see all the Genesis guys checking out the performance. Was probably pretty emotional for them (and boring for everyone else - but it's prog rock so handle it!)


Sean Coleman said...

That's a pretty bold choice as far as cover versions go. Probably no big thing for the band that has covered many classic pieces alongside their own stuff, but you could see a twinkle in the eyes of Mike, Tony, Steve and Phil when the camera was trained on them.

"Supper's Ready" would have plunged the assembled throng into a further state of catatonia hahahahaha

VoxMoose said...