Monday, March 01, 2010

Neil Young Closes Olympics

Neil Young helped Conan O'Brien close out his show by playing Long May You Run on Conan's final episode. Neil busted the tune out as a surprise guest at the Olympics closing ceremonies over the weekend.

Fellow Canadians Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morrisette and others performed. It would have been great to have seen Rush or shit even Triumph do some actual rock and roll but having Neil is cool. See the performance here. Try to ignore the asshole announcers talking over the intro.


Dr. John said...

I agree, Rush would have been nice to see. I was thinking, though, what song would they have done? Marathon? Closer to the Heart?

Isorski said...

The rumor was that they would do Closer to the Heart, given in the international audience. But dude, it would have been a lip sinc deal. They don't let bands play live at events like that. Even the Who at the Superbowl was canned except for vocals and Pete's guitar, which was why the mix sucked so bad.

Don Capone said...

Don't worry, Rush will play the 2112 Olympics.