Friday, September 12, 2008

Gerry Rafferty Missing

Does anyone remember Gerry Rafferty? he had some very cool big songs in the 70s - Baker Street, Get It Right Next Time, Right Down The Line and Days Gone Down come to mind.

But sources report that Rafferty, who had been experiencing liver problems, checked into St. Thomas Hospital in London July 25 for series of tests to determine the status of his health.

On August 1, nurses entered Rafferty's room to find him gone, his bed empty, but his personal belongings left behind. London authorities are suspecting a kidnapping and filed a missing persons report. The 61-year old rocker remains missing. Doctors have yet to release his condition to the public.

Weird! Here's hoping for the best and in the meantime, check out these two vids. These are my favorite kind of videos by the way - studio shots! Cool 70s threads too.

Baker Street (You think he was going for a mid-70s John Lennon look here? Nah...)

Get It Right Next Time (this one is my favorite of his - reminds me of being a kid, 'cause that's when this came out)


VoxMoose said...

Definitely weird. He was also in Stealers Wheel and co-wrote Stuck in the Middle (made re-famous by Reservoir Dogs).

Dr. John said...

Very odd. Hope he is okay. I have always liked Baker Street, both his version and the redo by The Foo Fighters. Don't know why, but I do.