Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Rant

Reading reports of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame event last weekend makes me think it was a big wet fart.

Now, I wasn't there and I have to say that the Guns and Roses semi-reunion sounded great on YouTube. But where were the reunions or even full attendance from inductees this year?

OK no one expected Axl Rose to perform with Slash but not even showing up? Come on dude. He even asked the Hall to not induct him. Ok I guess that is typical Axl but a great opportunity missed.

But what about The Faces? Why didn't Rod the Mod show up? Is he too big for his britches for Woody and company? That would have been a live reunion worth seeing. (Ooops - reports are that he had the flu. Hmmm...)

Only 2/3 of the Beasties showing up is excusable because one of them has cancer.

But how about this: induct bands who can actually show up, not in wheelchairs, but in the flesh to show why the fuck they are still vibrant and deserving to be chosen by Springsteen, Wenner and Van Zandt's boys club.

For example:

Rush. Still touring, putting out new material, selling out venues (and they are not casinos). Maybe on the top of their game after 35 years. A live performance by Rush at a RARHOF event would literally peel people's faces off.

KISS. Ok I get it. Shlock. Hype. Merchandising. But again, still touring and recording. Many millions sold. And that would be a reunion worth seeing just one last time for closure. Peter Criss is not getting any younger and Ace is sober at the moment.

Iron Maiden. I know. Never going to happen. But you don't have Metallica and probably GNR without Maiden. And again, a band still touring amphitheaters, huge around the world, all members currently living. Bruce Dickinson's acceptance speech would be a real keeper, laden with F words and digs at the Hall. Great PR!

OK rant over but a guy can dream, right?

Who do you think ought to be in the Hall? Living or dead?


drewzepmeister said...

Sorry, took awhile to get back to this...

Guns n' Roses may have earned their place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but others should of have been there a LONG time ago.

Rush-No one deserves to in the RnRHoF more than Rush. Mountains of talent generated by 3 guys with more 35 years of experience.

KISS-Love 'em or hate 'em. Their theatrical approach to rock and roll has certainly made an impact on dozens of bands for years to come.

Yes-The RnRHoF has largely ignored prog rock for ages now. Why isn't Jethro Tull in?

Others I'd like to see in down the line are (or we know are going to make it): Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Green Day, Robert Plant, Black Crowes and others

Ricky Heisner said...

Cheap Trick.