Monday, April 16, 2012

Rush Post Clip Of "Headlong Flight" from Upcoming Album

Here is another quick thing from the last couple of weeks.

Rush's new album, Clockwork Angels, is going to be out June 12, but the band posted a short audio clip of one of the songs, the 7:20 cut Headlong Flight.

This song is scheduled to be released as a single this Thursday (single art posted here).

After hearing this clip, I am really looking forward to the full release. Word is that Rush has gone back to its prog roots for this album, and the clip sure reminds me of Bastille Day. What do you think?

Listen to it here.


drewzepmeister said...

Hell ya!

Dr. John said...

I am way psyched too for this. And yes, that is totally sounding like Bastille Day. Kinda like the beginning to Far Cray with the guitar cord that harkened back to Hemispheres. Love it!