Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion

Two weeks ago my band, colorfield, played at Portland's Wonder Ballroom in a benefit called Rock for Rett. More info on that here.

But here are some videos I posted from the show. I am the guitar player on the left (not the one with the hearty blonde hair, sadly!).

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VoxMoose said...

As a long time Colorfield fan, I've tragically never actually seen you guys live. It is great to see this Youtube footage. However, although I've played in bands with you on and off (mostly off, but it fluctuates) since high school, I can never quite hear your style directly in the Colorfield tunes -- until the guitar solos. I could pick a 'Ski solo out from a blast of white noise coming from Alpha Centauri. Also, whenever the cool vocal harmonies kick in or a beat gets dropped from 4/4 to 7/8, I think "that's a 'Ski move." Glorious. Thanks for posting these links!