Friday, October 05, 2007

Van Halen Reunion Set List

Just do a Google on "Van Halen" and "Charlotte" and you'll get a smattering of mostly glowing reviews of the kick off night of Van Halen's reunion tour with Roth.

I kind of want to see this tour. I'm just held back by what assholes these guys are!

But sheeeeit, dig this crazy assed set list. On paper, this looks so good. If I can get a last minute cheap ticket, I will probably go.

1. You Really Got Me
2. I'm the One
3. Runnin' With the Devil
4. Romeo Delight
5. Somebody Get Me a Doctor
6. Beautiful Girls
7. Dance the Night Away
8. Atomic Punk
9. Everybody Wants Some
10. So This Is Love?
11. Mean Street
12. Pretty Woman
13. Drum Solo
14. Unchained
15. I'll Wait
16. And the Cradle Will Rock
17. Hot for Teacher
18. Little Dreamer
19. Little Guitars
20. Jamie's Cryin'
21. Ice Cream Man
22. Panama
23. Guitar Solo (incl. "Women in Love" intro, "Cathedral", "Eruption")
24. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

25. 1984
26. Jump


VoxMoose said...

I've known you for years. We've played in bands together on and off going back to high school. But to be honest, I never knew you were into Van Halen so much until I started reading your blog this year! I've always liked Van Halen, but regarded them as a guilty pleasure. They are basically hyperskilled party rock. I couldn't really responsibly bring them into the same conversation compared to what I was "officially" into as a teen: Rush, Yes, ELP, old Genesis, etc. Anyway, fun to read about in retrospect.

Isorski said...

I am in the same boat as you, Voxmoose. I started following this as more of a "let's watch the train wreck" and got a bit fascinated with it. We never did Van Halen songs because, frankly, I could not play them on guitar!

VH is great party rock, for sure. Not in the same category as the prog we so dearly love.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Just got my tickets and have GREAT seats! Can't wait. Saw them in the 80's twice. :)

I categorize their music the same as you do, its not to be taken seriously, but made for fun/partying.

Isorski said...

Layla, you will have to tell us how the concert is if I am not able to get in...