Friday, October 05, 2007

Zeppelin Reunion - No Tour?

Looks like the Led Zeppelin reunion gig will be a one-off, with no follow up tour. If you believe Robert Plant.

Last week, Plant cited his age and basic unwillingness to go on the road, saying "There'll be one show and that'll be it. We need to do one last great show because we've done some shows and they've been crap." He's got that right!

Plant may even be edging towards retirement: "I know I'm getting on. When I do come back from touring, I'm shocked to find a lot of my mates tend to be going to bed far too early, and that means I should probably be doing the same. Maybe I should stop having a good time and get old."

Then again, Plant denied the one off reunion for months, so who knows?

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Dr. John said...

Is that really Robert Plant??? Holy crap, he has really shown his age. He looks like an old professor who spoke at my freshman orientation at college (University of Michigan) and began with the words "fuck authority!".

Isorski said...

Yeah I agree, Dr. John! He's aging like a mo-fo. And good for him to forgo the plastic surgery options everyone else seems to use. Still, he does seem particularly grungy looking for a "Golden God."