Thursday, August 09, 2007

Heart of the Moment

Man what is the deal with the heart problems? First, Paul Stanley pulls out of a KISS gig due to his heart beating faster than a hummingbird and now this. John Wetton from ASIA and King Crimson had a routine medical checkup that disclosed adverse heart readings indicating advanced coronary disease, according to a press release the band issued this week.

Wetton now has to undertake an angiogram to determine whether the condition can be treated with drugs, or whether immediate open heart surgery is needed.

Needless to say, they cancelled the show I was supposed to see on the 21st. They hope to reschedule for 2008. Whatever – I just hope the guy comes out all right, even though he is kind of a pseudo hack.

Best to you, John Wetton. The rest of you aging rockers, take care of your tickers!


Dr. John said...

Bummer. I read a review of their show here in NJ from the end of June, and it sounded like a good show with a mix of old Asia standards as well as stuff from Yes, ELP, and King Crimson. Don't forget, Isorski, that you too are an aging rocker!!! :-)

Isorski said...

Don't remind me!

VoxMoose said...

Hey, Dr. John, Isorski may be an "aging rocker" by some standard, but 20 years "here or there" do count in this aging game!