Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blast From The Past - Osiris Reunion

I promise to post soon about the Floydian Slips show last Saturday in Eugene - it was stellar. Just gathering all the photos etc from people so I can post the best ones.

Speaking of posting, Voxmoose got around to popping some videos from our May 2006 Osiris reunion at our 20 year high school reunion. This was one of my favorite shows ever, hands down, and I am glad we had two camera angles and audio sources to futz with.

There were two shows - one at our 20th, and the other the next day at the high school itself, which was celebrating its 50th. We did a total of 16 songs, but here are a couple of choice cuts.

Voxmoose posted about the event as well and added more color and detail, here. Enjoy.

The White Room

Bloated (Osiris original)

The Sower (Osiris original)


Chris said...

Wow, singing, playing, and working the wah all at the same time. Impressive! I can barely sing, play, and just remember the words simultaneously. Usually, one of the three has to go out the window.

Isorski said...

Truth be told, Chris, I had a cheat sheet on the floor for White Room (low budget teleprompter). I can't ever remember those weird lyrics. They make little sense...