Thursday, August 28, 2008

Steve Jobs Dies - Ooops, Not Really!

It's fairly common for the press to pre-write obituaries so they are ready when the time comes. That is how a five page story on James Brown, for example, pops out five minutes after he croaks. All the media has to do is write the first paragraph about how he actually kicked off, call some folks for a few quotes, and they are all done.

We got a little sneak peek at Steve Jobs' yesterday when Bloomberg News decided to update his obit and accidentally published it long enough for a number of sites, including ValleyWag, to grab and re-post it.

The writer's notes on who they ought to contact for quotes when the time comes is an interesting look into how reporters think. The obituary itself is lengthy and you got to wonder if Steve Jobs has read it. Maybe he has a few edits or corrections he could shoot to Bloomberg!

Check it out here.

I wonder who else's obits are all ready? My guess is Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty, John McCain and Robbie "Kaptain" Knievel. I just might write my own, so the world is ready! Ha ha ha.

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