Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dave Matthews Sax Player Dies

Never was a huge fan of the Dave Matthews Band. I find it really hard to hum his stuff - there is little melody and he's all over the place. I once tried to figure out one of his tunes by ear and gave up because I just couldn't follow it - and it was all on acoustic!

But one of the cool things about the band is the lineup - drums, bass, acoustic, keys, sax and violin. Very unique.

Sad news from the DMB camp today, however, in that sax player LeRoi Moore died from complications from an ATV accident. Man, are those things dangerous. Anyway, bummer for DMB fans - full story here.


Anonymous said...

My prayers go out to his family and friends and to all the members of DMB.

My Tribute to LeRoi Moore -

budd said...

DMB has been one of the best live acts touring relentlessly over the last decade. Leroi's improv skills blended perfectly with the jam format the band uses live. He will be missed. Fortunately for me I saw him play a half dozen times.