Thursday, March 26, 2009

3/4 of Soundgarden Reunite Last Night in Seattle

MTV News reports today that Soundgarden minus Chris Cornell reunited for the first time since 1997 at the Crocodile Cafe (small place!) in Seattle last night. It was the Seattle stop on guitar wizard Tom Morello's Justice Tour. Interesting, as Cornell and Morello were in Audioslave!

But Cornell is on the road promoting his very odd new solo album. Who knows if he would have been there if he could have?

The article winds up:

After the show, when asked how he thought it went, [guitarist] Thayil reportedly said, "Not bad for an hour and a half of practice after not playing together for 12 years. ... It was a lot of fun. We played yesterday for a bit but we know all that stuff by heart so we didn't need to practice much."

The poorly kept secret was widely documented by a number of Seattle scenesters, showing up almost instantly in Flickr photostreams and a set of poor-quality MP3s and videos on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer blog site.

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bushmeister said...

huh. kinda like The Kinks, without Ray Davies.