Sunday, March 08, 2009

Who The F*** Are YOU?

My two year old had a pretty bad earache recently and to keep him content (taking his mind off of the pain) I let him sit on my lap and watch various kid appropriate YouTube songs. We enjoyed The Wiggles fruit salad song, various versions of Wheels on the Bus and even some Barney.

Yeah, I was about to pull my head off. But just when I was about to crack one open, we stumbled on a familiar voice. Lo and behold, it even showed the dude in the studio laying it down. It was so reminiscent (visually only) of a video I have seen probably 100 times starting in high school that I had to laugh at the before and after.

Here it is for you to enjoy as well:

The before:

The after:

Oh and this one killed me. Get this one started so you can hear the music and then scroll to the comment posted by 'fordblowz.'


Seano said...

F@#$$%nnnn Hilarious! You made my day at 442 am. Love that studio video from '78. Is that from The Kids Are Allright DVD?

Isorski said...

Yeah it's from Kids Are Alright. I love the end where Daltry goes 'kids on the bus, move on back.' You just want him to pop a 'f*ck' in there somewhere...