Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Heaven and Hell Album Art Revealed

OK, here is a nice little image to get your week off to a positive start. Heaven and Hell (Dio-era Black Sabbath) will release its new album The Devil You Know on on April 28.

According to recent news reports, guitarist Tony Iommi said, "It was good to play [the new songs] live in the studio. It keeps you on edge." Bassist Geezer Butler added, "We've learned from the past that you can kill a song doing it over and over. The first Sabbath albums were done in two or three days. Technically they weren't great, but vibe-wise they were great. If you capture that feeling, that's all you need."

The album cover makes Mob Rules look like an image from a children's book. Behold! And have a nice day...

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Dr. John said...

Dang! Who does their artwork? Scary as hell (literally)!