Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ace Records Old School, other KISS Tidbits

I love this. Ace Frehley has posted a brief video on his Web site of him recording the guitar solo on a new tune at his home studio.

I took great interest in this, as I have been recording a fair amount lately as well (at a very modest home studio!), using everything from a Line 6 amp simulator plugged right into the computer to mic'ing my Fender Blues Deluxe in the closet, for isolation.

But here is Ace in all of his glory, blasting through a full Marshall stack, studio monitors blazing away!

He still has that Ace swagger (stagger?) and looks like he might fall over. But I gotta say, the lead he rips is pretty fine and until the singing comes back in, the song he's working on also sounds like classic Ace.

And speaking of KISS records, ClassicRockMagazine posted a pretty good opinion piece on the notion of a new KISS album, which is reportedly being recorded as we speak.

And on a side note, Gene Simmons posted a response to a letter on his site that he is close to releasing a multi-disc solo box set. I am setting aside my pennies already (not).

Back to the Ace video. Enjoy:

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Chris said...

I thought the same thing when I saw Ace planted in front of the Marshall stack. I am cautiously optimistic that this might be a good year to be a KISS fan. The simple fact that Ace hasn't simply disappeared in the past year and instead seems to actually be trying to expand his presence seems like a good thing.