Tuesday, April 14, 2009

George Harrison Gets Hollywood Star

For what it's worth to have star-shaped block of granite with your name carved into it embedded into the sidewalk, George Harrison got one today, in front of the Capitol Building in Hollywood, near John Lennon's own star.

Actually, it is cool that Harrison is being honored for all of his artistic endeavors. Obviously The Beatles, but his extensive solo work including great 80s solo album Cloud Nine and his work with the Traveling Wilburys. Also, his Handmade Films company funded and supported the guys in Monty Python when they couldn't raise the funds to get some of their movies made.

So he's got a star. The other side effect when something like this happens, it's a good reason for folks to come out and share memories, and of course for the labels to cash in. On the latter front, a Hollywood Reporter article noted that Capitol/EMI plans to announce details for a new Harrison music project, and a Martin Scorsese-directed documentary about Harrison is in the works.

Some who attended the ceremony today included Paul McCartney, Harrison's widow Olivia, his son Dhani, musicians Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne and actor Tom Hanks. See some of their comments here.

One guy who knew Harrison well couldn't be there - the gun-loving Phil Spector who finally had justice served when a jury found him guilty of second degree murder yesterday. I have heard the bootlegs of Phil and Lennon drunkenly flipping each other shit and the dude sounded borderline back in the 70s. No less than five women took the stand saying he had threatened them with violence over the years. What a sad end to a weird life.

Here is live clip of George in the 80s:

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