Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Technical Support

For better or worse, I am the "IT Guy" in my household. I am the one who takes the photos off the digital camera, posts videos of the kids on YouTube and makes sure any guests can connect to the wireless router. Pretty basic stuff.

However, nothing sends a chill up my spine more than my mom handing me her laptop, saying something like "the screen just stays blue" or "it won't connect." I love her to death and she's pretty tech-savvy for a 77 year old. But I have explained the difference between plugging the power cable into the wall and plugging an Ethernet cable into the Comcast modem so many times I have pretty much given up trying to tell her the difference.

So when mom handed me the laptop for 'repairs' this morning, I shuddered, and then was reminded of a hilarious video that went around a couple of years ago. Enjoy.


Chris said...

That is hilarious. I might have to swipe it from you.

sue said...

That is great - and so much like how it was with me when we first got our pc.

sue said...

This is so good I had to come back and watch it a second time - and I laughed even harder. I'm going to have my son-in-law (and IT man) look at it.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I died laughing watching this!!! Had never seen it before. I work in IT so I get this at work AND at home!