Monday, April 06, 2009

Vote to Bring KISS to Portland

So, I realize KISS management probably has already routed and booked the just-announced U.S. and Canadian tour and is just laying another big public relations turd on all of us by suggesting the band will pay attention to where WE THE FANS want the band to play.

Having said that, please vote via the below widget to bring the band to Portland, as my 9 and 11 year olds will crap their trousers if they get to go to this concert. Of course if you want KISS to come to your town (yes, Chris from Stumbling the Walk I mean you), disregard my plea. But if you don't care, vote with all of your email addresses to send Alex and Cameron to KISS (and their dad too). Thanks.

Use "97219" as the zip code when asked...


Chris said...

KISS in Missoula? Yeah, that'll happen. Though I guess the Stones played here, so who knows. I voted for Portland too, though.

Anonymous said...

PDX is at #46 right at the moment.