Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart Reunite in LA

I have always been a big fan of Jeff Beck. Aside from being one of the classic pioneers of rock guitar (with Page and Clapton), I paid attention to him because his style was always so unique.

Maybe because he doesn't use a pick; maybe because he never got locked into one style of music. I don't know. The dude is just GOOD.

One of his very few mainstream successes was the single People Get Ready, which was a cool take on an old tune, put out in the 80s with Rod Stewart on vocals.

According to Classic Rock Magazine, Rod joined Beck onstage Tuesday night in Los Angeles. It was their first joint appearance in 25 years, according to the article. They did People Get Ready and I Ain’t Superstitious, which was recorded in 1968 when Stewart was vocalist in The Jeff Beck Group.

According to Rolling Stone, Stewart snuck onstage and started singing and it was a total surprise to Stewart! And of course there is a YouTube of the event:


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I heard about this! Wouldn't that have been great to see?

neddrum said...

Dude, that's sweet. Added bonus with Vinnie Colaiuta on drums.

Seano said...

That's the most fun Rod has had in years...he actually remembered the year they recorded Ain't Superstitious! That Truth album is classic! great stuff, Seano