Thursday, May 21, 2009

KISS On American Idol

I don't really give a crap about American Idol. I have never watched it. I always figured it would just make me angry and who needs that?

My older kids like it though, and watch it at their mom's house. So when I wouldn't let my 11 year old watch the finale last night (too late for a school night - yeah I am a prick), I got the silent treatment all morning. I guess I forgot that when all the kids are talking abut something at school and you missed it, that makes you LAME.

I felt even worse when I found out that KISS made a surprise appearance. Had I been monitoring my bookmarked sites, Twitter etc, I may have seen the rumors yesterday. But hey, work sometimes takes priority over surfing the Internet.

I took Alex to see KISS when he was six, so it's not like he's never seen them. But I remember the baby boners I got when I was a kid and KISS graced the TV screen. I wonder, actually, how many people were introduced to KISS for the first time last night? American Idol has a pretty large and rabid fan base of viewers but I would not image the younger ones were aware of KISS.

Anyway, here it is. I guess the kid singing with them didn't win, but he sure sports the boots well, as well as a screech worthy of Rock Star's Izzy Cole.


VoxMoose said...

I guess Gene has found his Replacement when he decides to screw Paul over. I've never actually watched the show, and proudly admit that I'm enough out of touch with pop culture not to know anything about it. But my understanding was that it was supposed to be like an amateur talent show. That clip pretty much decimated that assumption.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I feel bad for your poor kid!

But seriously, I never watch it either till I caught a glimpse of this guy and was very intrigued. I think he should have won. The other guy was just so .... normal.