Friday, May 15, 2009

Pearl Jam Bassist Mugged By Masked Georgia Thieves

I bet they were waiting for Ashton Kutcher to leap out of the woods with a camera crew and say "You've been Punk'd!" But alas, that was not the case. According to CNN, outside of a remote Atlanta recording studio:

Three men reportedly emerged from a nearby wooded area wearing masks and brandishing knives. They smashed windows of the rented Jeep Commander, snatched a BlackBerry phone and other belongings, and demanded money, the police report shows. The suspects allegedly got away with more than $7,300 in goods and cash.

[Pearl Jam bass player Jeff] Ament jumped from the passenger side of the vehicle and started to run, but he was chased by a suspect and knocked to the ground, said Mekka Parish, a public information officer with the police department.

She said he "suffered some lacerations" on the back of his head and was treated at the scene. His backpack was also snatched, she said, and included inside was Ament's passport.

Geez. What does it take to record an album anymore? Does Pearl Jam need to hire bodyguards?

If you want to see the surveillance camera shots over and over again, go here.


Anonymous said...

That's what they get for going to Atlanta. It has gotten so bad over the last 10 years. Nothing but boys who want to be thugs.
If a recording studio is that secluded than it should have some kind of security other than a camera.
Sad, so sad.

Tiffany said...

Pearl Jam are rock Gods!!
Glad Jeff is safe. I agree with the comment above, where was security? It looks like a guy was coming out the front door of the studio. What happened? No one stepped up to help?
Those 3 robbers will get theirs! It's called Karma!!!