Friday, October 02, 2009

One More Reason to See Porcupine Tree - Neil Peart Might Be There

If is to be believed (and they are usually accurate with rumors/news etc), Neil Peart attended the first four Porcupine Tree shows on the west coast (Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles).

Yes, that means the show I saw in Portland! That would have been a trip running into Neil in the shitter, huh? I suspect he was safely watching from backstage but who knows?

According to the rumor, Peart 'rode his bike between shows' with PT guitarist John Wesley. If by 'bike' they mean 'motorcycle,' I would believe it. Otherwise, no way they rode tenspeeds on I-5 between Seattle and Portland.

Alex Lifeson was spotted at the Toronto show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre as well. Coolio! Starfucking aside, if you can see this show, do it. It's unreal.


Chris said...

My buddy Danny G is on the road with Kings X as their guitar tech (and drum tech too in Canada, since the usual drum tech can't cross the border). King's X is currently touring with Porcupine Tree as the opener. You might be interested in his day-to-day blog:

His initial posts about the behind-the-scenes stuff with PT weren't too flattering, I'll warn you.

Danny is a great guy.

Isorski said...

Great blog! Man I feel for that guy. That is tough, tough work. In terms of PT, sounds like typical junk when the opener is a big band on its own. They for sure ought to be getting soundchecks etc but logistics suck.

Reminds me of the time my old band opened for Merle Saunders. We walked in and his ginormous Hammond Organ was front and center stage. We were like, um can you move that? Crew said no.

So we said we would not play the show and we were a big draw in that town at the time. They moved it. But dang if that was one of the only times we got any good concessions as an opening act!

King's X kicks so much ass. I wish we had them as openers. We got That One Guy. Ugh.

Chris said...

King's X are legendary in their own right, that's for sure.