Monday, October 12, 2009

Prince Rips Bitchin' Solo - Happy Monday!

In the 'why have I never seen this file?' falls this VH1 clip of an all star group doing While My Guitar Gently Weeps. It's the usual suspects Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne etc, with Harrison's son on acoustic.

But get to 3:30 to witness none other than Prince ripping a face melting solo on a Telecaster. Wow. I thought Prince was a total recluse. I have never seen him join anyone onstage for an 'all star jam' but it looks like he was having a blast and his guitar did all the talking here.

I don't know Prince's music very well but I gotta say that when I see shit like this, I am impressed.


Hueymungus said...

I knew you would love it!

Chris said...

That's awesome.