Monday, October 26, 2009

T.U.B.E. Bootleg Site Vanishes, Shows Up Again, The Sun Shines and Birds Chirp Happily

I noticed today that my favorite bootleg site, T.U.B.E. (stands for 'the ultimate bootleg site') had been taken down. This periodically happens to boot sites but this was a big blow. And based on the spike in traffic to my earlier post on T.U.B.E., it looks like I was not the only one freaking out.

Well, happily, they are back up here and here. And there is a Facebook page too, which I didn't know about. Praise Jesus. Go forth and downloads boots.


hiller said...

thanks for posting this man! I was freaked out and confused about T.U.B.E. vanishing, esp b/c it's a legal site. your blog linked me to the new site, and i thank you for that.


Isorski said...

Same thing happened to me the day I posted this. I put it up b/c I figured I wasn't the only one!