Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Abbey Road Studios Put Up For Sale

According to Classic Rock Magazine, Abbey Road Studios has been put up for sale by EMI to prop up crumbling finances.

According to the article, it’s expected that the complex could fetch around £20 million [~$27 million]. More:

The house, 3 Abbey Road, was bought in 1929 by The Gramophone Company, who later became EMI.

It opened as the world’s first custom-built recording studio in 1931, and became famous as the place where The Beatles recorded all their albums, except for Let It Be.

The Beatles also made the zebra crossing outside the studio legendary.

So many others have worked there over the decades, including Pink Floyd and Radiohead.

Hopefully the studio will stay open and functioning but I am bracing myself for the inevitable and the new owners turn it into a Chuck E Cheese or Hard Rock Cafe. Bleah.

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Don Capone said...

I hope Paul buys it. That's just chump change for him, right?