Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Downside of Tech and Music

Lots of folks have pointed to how technology and the Internet have freed up artists from the shackles of record companies and big business.

Now, you can record a professional sounding demo or album using fairly inexpensive computer recording software and UIs. You can film and edit a pro video using HD cameras and computer software. And you can get the same widely distributed using the Internet, namely YouTube, and of course iTunes and a ton of do-it-yourself distribution services.

But the real question is, should you?

"Shine" by Final Placement from sharity world on Vimeo.

As one commenter said, "My ears just threw up."


VoxMoose said...

The video has been taken down. Is this that Final Placement video by any chance? If so, it's been moved to:

Isorski said...

Sadly, yes. Thanks for the tip - fixed!

Don Capone said...

Man, that was funny. I literally laughed out loud a couple of times. It has to be a joke. When they're all doing the leg kick? And going down on the freight elevator? Good stuff. The musicianship is horrible.

Dr. John said...

They can't be serious, can they?

VoxMoose said...

That was tragic on so many levels. I must admit, though, that I'm glad I didn't grow up in the age of YouTube. I'm pretty sure 80% of what I did as a teen wouldn't hold up to this level of viral internet scrutiny.

The guitarist for the band was taking questions at the following board under the pseudonym "Setting the Record Straight". Sounds like at least one member of the band has a little perspective: