Friday, February 12, 2010

Them Crooked Vultures on SNL; Rush at the Olympics

First up, I posted last week that Them Crooked Vultures would perform on SNL, which they did last weekend. Pretty good but the usual weird SNL audio mix. Too much guitar (did I really just say that?), not enough drums and dry, slightly buried vocals.

Still - so cool to see these guys on SNL, especially John Paul Jones.

And before we get to the video clips, Rush is rumored to be playing at the Olympics opening ceremonies this weekend. How cool would that be? But what the heck would they play? I am sure it'll be Tom Sawyer but I think By-Tor and the Snow Dog or Working Man would be a bit more appropriate given the event!

Mind Eraser

New Fang

Funny Dave Grohl Cameo


VoxMoose said...

That was pretty amusing. No entirely unlike how I felt playing Comatose and Bloated at our reunion :)

VoxMoose said...

If it wasn't clear, my last post was referring to the skit at the wedding not the TCV SNL performance :)

TCV are really amazing. But, you are right, that mix was strange. Given all the cool stuff JPJ is doing and how spot-on Homme's vocals were, it seems a shame to bury them in the mix. It also seems weird SNL (essentially one of the only popular TV shows that regularly features interesting acts and gives them time to do 2 full uninterrupted tunes) hasn't sorted this out over the years (unless this is the way they want it).

Isorski said...

I know! That Neil Young SNL video I have posted a few times has an interesting back story by the drummer, Steve Jordan. Jordan said he knew from playing on TV that the drums are always washed out and/or buried, so he brought the largest, thickest cymbals he could find and beat the ever living shit out of them. In that case, it worked!