Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flat Stanley Does Hell Hole

In the shameless self-promotional department, one of my musical endeavors is a cover band called Flat Stanley. We try to walk the line between playing things that are kind of familiar but have not been done to death.

So for example, we'll do The White Room, Cortez the Killer and Bittersweet (Big Head Todd) instead of Mustang Sally, Brown Eyed Girl and Jumping Jack Flash. So far the idea has been well-received.

We also do stuff for our own pleasure entirely, like Trains by Porcupine Tree or Mississippi Moon by King's X.

Or Hell Hole, by Spinal Tap. Enjoy:


Dr. John said...

Love it! Was your roadie not there to help you get up from your guitar solo?

Lily Kane said...
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Lily Kane said...


Seano said... are a serious shredder. This is great stuff! 2 questions..what kind of axe were you wielding? LP junior? And if I were to check out Porcupine Tree(it would be for the 1st time) where would I start. Can you believe I have only seen Spinal Tap once? Hell hole and Big Bottom are the only songs I remember. Feel free to publicly flog me..... rock on.....

Isorski said...

Hey Seano - Thanks, man! The guitar is a 1979 Gibson "The Paul," which is a walnut version of the Les Paul. I think they made an Oak one as well. I have seen a few of them over the years - most notably in the photos inside The Beastie Boys Check Your Head album. I got it new, right off the wall, for my 12th birthday and have been playing it ever since.

Porcupine Tree - Start with In Absentia. That is the first of theirs that I got and the first four songs hooked me right away. While you are at it, buy the DVD of Spinal Tap, loser! ha ha