Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fools and Dio Cancer Update

First up, the funny stuff. I totally duped my 10 year old by telling him I won a "bring the band to your neighborhood" contest and that KISS would be playing in our back yard for his birthday. Yes he bought it, yes he is gullible and yes I feel kinda bad. But he laughed when I busted out the April Fools on him. Ha ha.

In other news, it looks like Ronnie James Dio is beating his stomach cancer with regular chemo treatments. I stumbled on this report from a Texas station. Watch it a couple of times. They pull the sound down on a very humble Dio a couple of times when I am almost certain he's about to swear. He looks pretty good for a regular old 67 year old with crazy hair in a hospital hooked up to chemo machines.

But seriously, this is good news. Beat that bastard cancer, Dio, and then write some Devil songs about it.


Seano said...

Unbelievable. he looks great...when my sis went through chemo her hair was gone after the first few treatments. Ronnie must have a little bit of the devil and a little bit of the holy spirit on his side...either that or he was stage 1 or 2. thanks for this P!

Barbara said...

Wow, he does look good for an older guy with cancer! Good for him!!! I think he'll tour again when he's done with this. Very fortunate they found it soon enough for him to respond this well!

Sean Coleman said...

I really hope that he kicks this. Very talented guy and still has the voice intact at an age when most singers have had to hang it up.

VoxMoose said...

I admire his attitude and I love the positive comments on this thread. In spite of that, I still found the footage very depressing.