Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lucy In The Ground With Daisies - Buried Lennon LSD Stash Uncovered

I thought I had heard all of the Beatles' rumors and there was no more trivia to be discovered about the band who put out 12 studio albums, 13 EPs, 22 singles, four films and one really bad made for TV movie in just 8 years.

But I had never heard about John Lennon's secret LSD stash that according to rumor, he buried in his back yard in 1967, to completely forget about it. Classic Lennon.

But according to this Yahoo! Music story, this rumor may be true and workers may have the evidence to prove it. Here are the deets:

The rock legend is said to have dug a hole for a vast quantity of LSD at Kenwood, in Weybridge, Surrey only to then forget where he'd put them, leaving the illegal bounty hidden underground forever.

It has now emerged that a group of builders working at the estate, where Lennon lived between 1964 and 1968, have made an amazing and potentially decisive discovery while digging up the lawn. They are reported to have found a leather holdall containing several large, broken glass bottles, plus one that has not smashed.

An unofficial Lennon blogger has reportedly spoken to the foreman from the construction company and obtained photos of their findings, which you can see here. "The bottle that has been discovered intact is the only remaining one, and luckily I will look after that one safely now given the provenance... a leather bag with two clasp handles seems to have been what these items were buried in. The bag has almost completely rotted away," explained the builder.

So, can we expect that one vial to be auctioned off to someone who wants to take a trip down memory lane? If so, it probably would not work. According to Ask Erowid, "the primary catalysts for the decomposition of LSD are heat, light, oxygen, and moisture. LSD's shelf life can be significantly extended if exposure to these are minimized." I'd venture to guess that Lennon's stash has lost its potency. Still...

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Allen said...

That is a *lot* of acid. No wonder he blew his mind out in a car and never noticed that the lights had changed.