Friday, April 02, 2010

Original KISS Members To Regroup for Reality Show?

This goes into the "snowball's chance in Hell" category but there are some interesting rumors flying around that have the four original members of KISS regrouping for -- get this -- a reality show.

The main rumor is that the band will be looking for people to officially replace them on the road, or more likely for a Vegas-style KISS show.

KissMaskWebzine ran something that basically said:

After months of speculation over the CBS website posting a "RockStar" show featuring Kiss in it's fall lineup and then abruptly taking it down...Now comes word of an A&E reality series all four original members of Kiss.

Ace Frehley had let the cat out of the bag when he was interviewed on Eddie Trunk's radio show last week stating that Gene had contacted him 3-4 months ago about rejoining the band for a reality show.

Think of the sniping that would go on on THAT show? Think the Tom Snyder show times 100. Personally, I don't see Paul Stanley wanting to have anything to do with this anyway. For those who didn't get the Tom Snyder reference, behold:

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Barbara said...

No offense to any KISS fans but ... ugh, do we really need another reality show with Gene Simmons in it?