Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rush Presale - You're Out Of Luck Unless You Are Rich or a CITI Cardholder

This is massively annoying -- usually I am able to get pre-sale concert tickets before they go on sale to the general public because I subscribe to emails from a band, a venue, or both. In the case of Iron Maiden, I had to pay a $10 fee to join the Maiden fan club, which gave me early access to (great) seats. I happily paid that $10 for this access.

But for the Rush presales on this 2010 tour, you have to have a CITI credit card. CITI card holders can use the first six digits of their credit card account as the password for the presale, and at this time, that's your only option folks. There is no other way to get early tickets unless you are buying the very expensive Rush VIP package.

This blows shit, and luckily a family member has a CITI card so I am all set when my presale goes live this Tuesday. But this is not cool and it rewards CITI customers, not Rush fans. I would think the guys in Rush would not be into this if they knew, but as Gene Simmons says, this is the music BUSINESS and if CITI is paying some bills for Rush on the tour, then I guess that's the deal.

Stinks for the fans, though. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

lameness. I hate CITI, too.

hopefully you still score a good seat for Rush. I'm not all that into them, but I saw them once (in 1997) and it was mind-blowingly good.


Anonymous said...

PS - I'm also not that into Maiden... but I am stoked about the one-off Dream Theater show at the Roseland (6/21). You into DT? Maybe I'll run into you there.


Isorski said...

Hey Dan - I won't be at the Roseland show. I am stoked to see DRT with Maiden, though!

Barbara said...

Well count me out.