Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bold Prediction: Mick Taylor Will Re-join The Stones

Running on the treadmill tonight listening to the remastered Exile on Main Street, a bunch of random tidbits of information coalesced in my mind and I had a eureka moment that I needed to share with everyone. It's a little far-fetched, or is it? Here is my bold prediction:

The Rolling Stones will get back together with guitarist Mick Taylor, will ditch Ronnie Wood, and will tour playing Exile On Main Street in its entirety.

My rationale? Dig it:

--Exile On Main Street is #1 on the charts this week and there is currently a great interest in the Mick Taylor era of the band (1969-1974). This has always been called the Stones' most creative period, and much of the credit goes to Taylor's tasty and fluid lead and slide playing. It is the Stones' first #1 album in 16 years.
--Mick Jagger had Taylor come to the studio to lay some leads down on the new Stones single from the Exile bonus tracks, Plunder My Soul (video below).
--Keith Richards in a recent Rolling Stone interview said "If I had my way, Mick Taylor would still be in the band."
--Ron Wood has been off the deep end for more than two years, falling off the wagon and splitting up with his long-time wife Jo in exchange for a 21 year old Russian girl, who he later was accused of assaulting. Too extreme even for the Stones, Keith reportedly was trying to cut down on his drinking and partying after he saw how low Wood had fallen. That to me says a lot. Respect for Woody lost?
--Wood just this week is reportedly in a reunited version of the Faces, his pre-Stones band fronted by Rod Stewart. New gig for Woody.
--Rumors of Ronnie's departure from the Stones heated up when the band's official Web site changed his bio's status in the band from 'ongoing' to '1976-2010.' (It has since been fixed)
--Mick Taylor isn't doing anything right now.

OK yes I am crazy but think about the show. I predict they would do theaters, and play Exile along with other Mick Taylor material. Think of the the set list: Exile On Main Street (all 18 songs), Can't You Hear Me Knocking, Brown Sugar, Sway, Wild Horses, Moonlight Mile, Stray Cat Blues, Dead Flowers, Heartbreaker, Angie, Time Waits for No One, It's Only Rock And Roll, If You Can't Rock Me, 100 Years Ago, Dancing With Mr D. Need I go on? I have a boner just thinking about this.

Pair that with the fact that bands playing their classic albums all the way through is also very hot right now. Everyone from Springsteen to Rush are doing this.

Well, time will tell but remember you saw it here first! What do you think?

Plunder My Soul, from the Exile bonus tracks:


Seano said...

You are like a scientist, a rock detective! Funny thing is, you may really be on to something. I can't see them doing big stadium shows either. Now I've got a boner. I actually met and spoke to Mick Taylor at a Music Conference in Rochester NY in the early 90s. He seemed kind of sad. Those albums would not be the same without him.

I'm very interested in hearing the new cd. I also want to know where you find the time to take on such an endeavor with 4 kids and a busy life.

Isorski said...

Dude I hope this happens. It could be stellar but would obviously rely a lot (actually entirely) on Mick Taylor and who knows if he is up to it?

RE the CD, most of it was recorded when I only had three kids, and two of them are with me only half of the time. Still, it was a lot of late nights and a weekend here and there.

neddrum said...

I had a similar thought about Taylor - but was thinking he'd join a tour in addition to Woods (btw I've always loved the footage of Wood offering Taylor a smoke during the band's induction into the hall of fame).

Maybe Wyman would sign on for a tour as well?

Sean Coleman said...

Though this is still in the realm of conjecture, it is damn sweet to envision the Stones with Mick Taylor back in the fold. It would be absolutely mind blowing to see them in an intimate venue. Really, these guys were always a club band that were pushed out into a sea of thousands of onlookers purely for the money.

And they took it, as anyone would.

Dare to dream, sir.

WeightStaff said...

You've convinced me. All of your points are valid. Interestingly, The Who decided to tour Quadrophenia in its entirety in 1996/97 the year after Phish performed the entire album at their 1995 Haloween concert. This past Halloween (2010) Phish covered the entirety of Exile on Main Street. Coincidence??

Congrats on the new CD!


Isorski said...

Thanks, Dave! Let know what you think.

The Stones have kind of languished creatively over the last bunch of years. Wouldn't it be funny if Taylor rejoined to give them the same kind of kick in the ass Wood gave them in 1975? Ah the irony. Someone in that camp has got to be talking about this!