Thursday, May 06, 2010

Roger Waters on Jimmy Fallon

This is really interesting. Waters never does TV interviews and for some reason Jimmy Fallon got him. Fallon is slim on his Floyd history and is clearly intimidated and highly nervous (as I would be) and asks really dumb ass questions.

But at the same time, it's wild to see Waters on late night. Video is below.

As an aside, I signed up for the ticket presale lottery for Tacoma and San Jose and actually won the opportunity to buy San Jose tickets. I bought a good pair yesterday when that presale hit, so I am very happy to be seeing the show in San Jose on December 6.

The iTunes presale is running today (you had to buy a copy of the Wall film from iTunes to get access) and there is a LiveNation presale tomorrow. Lots of complaining on Waters' Facebook site about the insane prices for the premium packages ($750), but you can get decent seats for around $150 in most venues. It's a lot of dough, but really - this is a once in a lifetime chance, people.

Also, dig this Jim Ladd interview (Ladd was the DJ on Radio K.A.O.S by the way), talking about how the sound system will be quadrophonic and huge, the wall and gear will require 20 semis, etc. 100 stage hands to construct the wall...No wonder it's so expensive...

Part One:

Part Two:


Sean Coleman said...

Waters seems gracious, though you are bang on in saying that Fallon was woefully unprepared for this interview. Cool to see him do a TV spot.

Steve Skrobot said...

Well, here is an example of a living legend, who also happens to be a mature, caring human being, getting 1% of the respect and presentation he deserves. I have heard the comments that Fallon was unprepared, but how can that be so considering that many of us know mountains of details about Waters and Pink Floyd, and countless other people of interest? This is classic American rubbish. What a wasted opportunity. For a change, a live talk show bent on getting laughs could have gotten its act together for 10 lousy minutes and it would have been fantastic, but alas, it was not to be. Are you still not regretting that decision to leave England over fox hunting and settle more or less permanently in the land of idiots, Mr. Waters? You deserve way more respect and grace than that.

Dan said...

Dick Cavett or David Frost would have done this much better.

Don Capone said...

Yeah, Fallon's preparation seemed to have consisted of reading Pink Floyd's Wikipedia page. Waters would have been better on Letterman's show. Letterman has always been a big supporter of rock n' roll, and at least he would have been able to gave a real conversation with him.

Ken Berglund said...

Jimmy Fallon's talkshow is beyond terrible. I have tried to watch it at least four different times and find myself cringing at how bad it is. The interview he did with Roger Waters elevated him to the highest levels of suckdom.