Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Dio Track Ever Recorded

Let's wrap up this week's series of Dio posts with definitive evidence that the man went out on top.

Classic posted a link to the below YouTube, a song called Elektra, which was slated to appear on a follow-up to Dio’s Magica album, released in 2000. The track was reportedly recorded before Dio’s stomach cancer had been diagnosed.

Magica was originally intended to be the first part of a trilogy of concept albums. Shortly before starting his (final) run of dates with Heaven And Hell, Dio announced that he planned to start working on new Magica material after the tour’s end.

This song is pretty pummeling, and shows that Dio's voice at 67 was as sharp as it was over his whole career. Enjoy the song, and have a great weekend everyone.

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