Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rush on CNN, Two New Songs Available June 1

Lots going on in the world of Rush but I have tried to be judicious and not post ALL of it. But today it was announced that two new Rush songs will be made available for digital download on June 1.

According to the band's Web site, the main song is called Caravan, and a b-side song called BU2B is also going to be for sale. Caravan's running time is 5:40 and BU2B's is 4:21. You can buy them together or separately, and if purchased together a digital PDF booklet is included.

Cool! Looking forward to that.

Also, the band was interviewed recently on CNN about the movie Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, which will hit cable TV on June 26 (VH1 and VH1 Classic). I love how humble these guys are...

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Dr. John said...

Saw this via FB the other day. Very well done. Can't wait to see the movie.