Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Eddie Van Halen Emerges from Rehab

Word from Guitar World Magazine is that Eddie Van Halen has checked out of rehab and has granted an interview that will run in the September 2007 issue that hits the stands June 26.

I know re-hab is a bit of a hot trend right now (and look how well it did for Lindsay Lohan!) but man, doesn't Eddie look good in the photo? He looks 20 years younger. Of course, new teeth and a killer haircut and tan will do that - but seriously he looks great.

Ed wrote on May 24 at the Van Halen Web site:

I want to say thank you to all the Van Halen fans for the tons of emails and all the support they provided when I was in rehab earlier this year. It was an intensely personal thing that I'm not really comfortable talking about right now, but I want everyone to know that their support has and always will mean the world to me. I want everyone to know that I am truly grateful.

Right on Ed. Now lets have that Roth reunion!

PS - for a before and after shot (Eddie looks even better in this new one) check out ABC News' article.

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