Friday, May 25, 2007

Who Sucks More - Genesis or VH1?

I caught a bit of VH1's Rock Honors on the tube last night. Tuned in at the end of Heart doing "Crazy on You" and while Anne Wilson's girth is still remarkable, man can she sing!

But then I remembered the reunited Genesis threesome was supposed to be honored and lo and behold they were up next! Interesting... First up this band called Keane (who has no bass player - whatever) did the most uninspired version of the lamely cute "That's All." Yawn.

Then Robin Williams, who I usually find funny, did the dumbest longest intro ever, complete with limp Bible jokes (Genesis - get it?). But finally the fab three hobbled out with trusty backing monster drummer Chester Thompson and stellar guitarist Daryl Stuermer.

The familiar eighth note opening of Turn it on Again started chugging and I actually got a bit excited. But then Phil started singing and the years have left his voice too powerless to deliver the song properly. It was such a Vegas version (appropriate, because the lame show was in Vegas, which was obvious due to the numerous cuts to the inebriated vacuous attendees who'd clearly clap for anything at this point).

Turn it on Again is a cool tune but it needs Phil hollering in general and especially at the end to pass muster. The best part of that song was when he quit singing and got on the drum set for the end part. This is where things got good, as Chester and Phil drummed in unison like the good old days - Phil on his lefty kit mirroring Chester's righty kit. Very cool.

They followed it up with the very tepid No Son of Mine. Boring ass tune. Ugh. However, Phil did a good job singing this one and by the end of the song, I actually liked it better than Turn it on Again. That says a lot right there.

I flipped off the TV in disgust and tried to find out what else they played that VH1 decided not to air. You know what is was? Los Endos, a killer prog rock instrumental from Trick of the Tail. I found part of it bootlegged on YouTube (watch it above until it is pulled down) and OK it rocked!

Check out the video yourself but Stuermer is soloing his ass off and Mike Rutherford, who I generally despise, has whipped out the old double neck guitar - cool! The drumming is pummeling like it should be and that is all through the highly crappy audio from the YouTube clip. If VH1 posts the song, I will link to it stat.

That VH1 decided to run No Son of Mine over Los Endos is no surprise but really sucks because that would have redeemed it for me.

Phil and crew can be forgiven for wanting to make a bunch of money with this retarded reunion but if they are willing to dust off some gems like Los Endos, that makes me a bit happier about it. I'm still not going to see the show unless more than 60 percent of it is old shit like Los Endos (fat chance) but maybe I will rent the live DVD next year.

Eat it VH1 - you suck.


Dr. John said...

I happened to be flipping through the channels the other night and came across VH1 and the teaser that Genesis was about to play, so I thought, what the heck, let me see what they are like.

Like you, I got stoked when I heard the opening notes to "Turn It On Again", but was dissappointed when Phil started to sing it. I couldn't put my finger on it, but his voice just did not sound right for the song. I'm not a fan of American Idol, but I would have loved Simon Cowell to have been there to tell Phil how much his singing sucked. Then they started in on "No Son of Mine" and I just flipped to another channel. After the "Abacab" album, I lost interest in the band. Said thing what money and fame do to some people...

Isorski said...

Yup - Abacab was where I lost interest as well. However, bring back Peter Gabriel and my interest will skyrocket! Maybe this is a 'starter tour' and next year he and Hackett will be back (yeah right).

VoxMoose said...

Isorski Said: ...Mike Rutherford, who I generally despise, has whipped out the old double neck guitar - cool!

Thanks for the heads up on the VH1 segment. But in all seriousness, what could you possibly have against Mike Rutherford?

Isorski said...

I can't put my finger on it but I have always wanted to punch him in the face. And as you know I am not a violent person! Seriously, I think Phil Collins is the obvious culprit in the "Genesis goes commercial" debacle. But I just got the feeling Rutherford was a silent conspirer in that effort and always kept trying to follow Phil's shadow (Mike and the Mechanics, anyone) while Tony Banks kept putting out totally non commercial albums that didn't sell but had some integrity. I dunno. Maybe I'll meet him someday and he'll be a great guy. But he's not even on my list of celebs I'd like to meet!

VoxMoose said...

I see your point, but as far as I can tell, all members of Genesis went commercial (including Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett). Tony Banks was only non commercial, not for lack of want on his part, but because the *market* rejected his material.

This commercial thing must be a phase many bands go through because you see the same patterns again and again in the music business. Here's a crude cartoon 12-step:

1) Artsy, experimental, non commercial band develops with passionate humble beginnings
2) Developes loyal fanbase with niche market
3) Becomes supergroup
4) Brilliant album
5) Internal strife dominates; Personnel changes
6) Slump trying to recapture supergroup success formula with over-the-top self indulgence
7) Separation, mixed solo careers; one or two members' solo careers dominates the landscape
8) Band emerges from the desert with a highly successful commercial album
9) Slump trying to recapture commercial success
10) Fade away; Where-are-they-now file
11) Again emerge from the desert with a get-in-touch-with-roots reunion
12) Rinse, lather, repeat until dead

Isorski said...

Very good points, VoxMoose. Hackett and Banks COULD have been commercial sellouts if anyone was buying - I mean look at GTR! He tried!

I still say Rutherford is a douche.

Isorski said...

I know why I don't like Mike Rutherford. When Steve Hackett left, he took over the guitar duties on the albums (someone had to) and while I think he is a TREMENDOUS bass player, his guitar playing is the shits. He had giant shoes to fill and they shpuld have just hired someone. Look at this: