Monday, May 07, 2007

NOLA Day Four - The Festival

Day four, we made it to the Festival. As the location was outside of downtown New Orleans, on our way there we saw that the city has not fully recovered from Katrina, but it’s getting there. The Festival was very well attended, and the bands were all top notch. Made the rounds to the blues tent, gospel tent, etc. The headliner at the stage where our group camped out for the day was John Mayer.

Although his dating Jessica Simpson put a chink in his armor, musically he was supreme. I know the guy has been trying to shake off this “Body is A Wonderland/Daughters” stigma, and he went forward a few steps in this area Saturday.

He had a smoking band – two guitars, Hammond organ, bass and drums. Did a lot of blues based tunes, some stellar jams, and the guy is a smoking guitar player. He rotated between two or three beat up Strats. Good attitude and stage presence/banter.

After the show – hey more beer! Took the trolley back to the hotel for – hey, more beer!

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