Monday, May 07, 2007

NOLA Day Three - Rain Out!

Woke up around 11 A.M. - life's rough on vacation in New Orleans. Met up with the group and hoofed it over to Napoleon House for chow - jambalaya - three big ass scoops. Killer.

However, the threat of continued morning rain came through with a vengeance and we had our own little post-Katrina with vertical sheets of rain, lightning and thunder. The streets flooded a few inches and we decided to just stay put and maybe bag the festival for the day.

I had more time to think about why I like this town so much, and it hit me - no Starbucks, McDonald's or mini-mall chain stores in the French Quarter. All the shops and restaurants and their related architecture - old stone streets and sidewalks; ornate iron work and ubiquitous balconies - seem to be unique to New Orleans. It gives the Quarter a great vibe and atmosphere. Granted, there is the whole Girls Gone Wild frat party and kitchy trinket shop element as well, but it's only a small piece of the big picture, which was a pleasant surprise.

Later, we found out that due to the crazy thunderstorms, the day's Jazz Festival had been cancelled. So we just bopped around the different bars - Pat O'Brien's, Yo Mama's and La Bayou - food and beer galore. Dolled it up for the traditional formal dinner at Antoine's - great end to day three...

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