Friday, May 04, 2007

NOLA Day Two – Acclamation

Spent Thursday getting acquainted with parts of downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter. Met the rest of our party and moved to the Ritz Carlton for the rest of the trip – wow, nice big rooms!

Man is this town cool. We spent most of the day kicking around the French Quarter, checking out the restaurants, bars and bands. Took a ton of photos but of course don't have my CABLE so I will post them later. Had lunch at the Old Coffee Pot - creole chow and Bloody Garys served by Winifred, who claims to be 65 but looks 50.

Not a lot of time for details right now but suffice it to say that the vibe here is great. After belting out Roadhouse Blues at the Cat's Meow at the end of the night (yeah, we drank enough for me to do Karaoke), we conked out in the hotel only to be woken up by the most amazing thunderstorm. Don't get those so much in Portland!

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