Thursday, August 23, 2007

Floydian Slips Rock Eugene

It was a busy weekend, as the Pink Floyd tribute band I am in, The Floydian Slips, played for 2,600 raving fans at the Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene Oregon last Saturday. It was our 10th anniversary show. Yep, we've been doing this for 10 years!

Drove down Friday for a four hour soundcheck and rehearsal, which went really well, but was tiring. It's always great to hook back up with the crew - the same guys we use every year. This is how we are able to pull of the stunning visual and audio part of the show. These guys know the music as well as the band does and we function like a well oiled machine. For the most part.

We decided to introduce a new song (to us), Learning to Fly, which is the most recent Floyd song we do. The oldest is Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun but we left that one out of the set this time. Over the years we have done The Dark Side of the Moon all the way through, and we've also done The Wall a number of times. This year we opted to just do a bunch of songs, from Dark Side to Momentary Lapse.

It was a great show. Maybe one of our best performances. Standouts for me were Dogs and Great Gig, which Nicole Campbell absolutely slayed. I am still poring over the video to hear all of my mistakes, as usual.

It's cool to see how many young people come out to the shows. 10 years ago it was all old frowning hippies with crossed arms - these dudes are very serious fans and they soak up every note. But then it turned slowly into a more varied crowd with teenagers and yeah even younger, all up font wearing Floyd, Stones, Who and Zep shirts. My little clones. Bwa ha ha ha! They know the words to even the obscurities, like One of My Turns.

Our next shows are in Portland (Aladdin Theater, January 12), and Seattle (Triple Door, January 5), and a rumored New Years Eve show in Eugene TBD. So it won't be too long before we are doing this again. That makes me glad!

For some INSANE photos of the show, go here.

Band members:

Nicole Campbell (vocals)
Ehren Ebbage (vocals, guitar)
Ned Failing (drums, percussion)
Asher Fulero (keyboards, vocals)
Paul Lesinski (vocals, guitar)
Brendan Relaford (bass)
Rich Sellars (vocals, drums, percussion)
Al Toribio (lead guitar, vocals)

Set list:

Shine On
Learning To Fly
Have A Cigar
Young Lust
One Of My Turns
Hey You
Wish You Were Here
Run Like Hell

Pigs On The Wing
Speak to Me/Breathe/On The Run
Great Gig In The Sky
Brick 1
Happiest Days
Brick 2
Any Colour You Like
Brain Damage


VoxMoose said...
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VoxMoose said...

Wow. Glorious, man. Looks absolutely stunning. I can't believe I still haven't seen you guys perform after all these years... perhaps in January in Portland..

l.ementary said...

I loved it. The lasers were awesome, ad I hope the NYE show in Eugene comes together. :)

Dr. John said...

Very cool pics. Total rock star look, including the lambchop sideburns. Way 1970's...

Ehren Ebbage said...

That was a good night, eh? Nice blog, by the way!