Monday, August 13, 2007

Van Halen Roth Reunion A Go

Minutes ago, Van Halen announced they will reunite with David Lee Roth and hit the road in September, coming to Portland in early December. Will I go? That's a definite maybe.

Eddie's son Wolfgang is confirmed to be the bass player (if he could grow a beard he would look a bit like Michael Anthony). Roth spouted off that they will also record a new album and keep the band going, meaning it's not a one off reunion tour. Well, let's see if they can even make it to the Portland gig without imploding before we start talking about a new album!

Go here for the list of tour stops...

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Int'l Male said...

Oh, we'll be there, no doubt. I can understand your skepticism about their ability to hold it together, but I think they can do it. They were pretty chummy at the press conference, and I really look at Alex as a barometer. He was laughing his ass off the whole time. Having seen Roth solo three times since 1999, I can tell you he's absolutely up for the job. We'll see about Eddie.