Thursday, August 16, 2007

IRS Good - Bottled Water Bad - Huh?

Today, I want to direct your attention to two of my fellow blog-mates, Dr. John and Voxmoose, who recently put up two of the most interesting posts I have read as of late:

Dr John writes at Dr. John's Orders about a positive (yes positive) experience he had in remedying an IRS screw up that could have cost him some dough. Not only is it an unexpected outcome, it's a great read!

Voxmoose on his blog Cryptohedonology (anyone, anyone?), posts about the scam that is bottled water. After reading it, I pretty much am not going to even bother with buying bottled water except on rare occasions (like birthdays and Christmas). Voxmoose takes a look at it from a scientific standpoint and makes the very strong case that bottled water is no safer or better tasting than good old tap water. Not too shocking as Pepsi recently admitted that its bottled water IS tap water. For more info on this, check out this recent article from the San Francisco Chronicle.

The one point Voxmoose failed to include is that the bottles from bottled water are filling up our landfills faster than you can say "Jimmy Page!" Not to mention that all that plastic requires energy and petroleum based products to make.

Food for thought.

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Dr. John said...

Thanks for the props, Isorski. Nice to see that there are at least two people reading my blog!

Interesting to note that Aquafina (I think the bottled water in question) has a new add that their water is filtered, filtered again, filtered again, purified, filttered again, filtered again, and purified again. So the hell what, I say. Talk about trying to rescue your corporate image...