Friday, May 30, 2008

Condi Rice Parties With KISS

Interesting AP story today about Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice being in Stockholm Sweden the same night as KISS.

According to the article, she ran into them as they were all staying at the same hotel. Here's the story:

In a departure from her normally staid diplomatic duties, Rice met the legendary rock quartet when they happened to share a hotel in the Swedish capital. Rice was in Stockholm on Thursday for an international conference on Iraq. KISS had a sold-out gig to play on Friday.

"I was thrilled," a beaming US secretary of state said of her late-night encounter with Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer in the executive lounge of the Sheraton Hotel where they signed autographs and handed out backstage passes (good for a year) and T-shirts to her and her staff.

Condoleezza Rice may be a top diplomat who once aspired to being a concert pianist but she let her hair down a bit in Stockholm to meet the flamboyant rock group KISS.

"For someone who likes the whole range of music, it was really fun to meet KISS," Rice said on the plane taking her to talks with Iceland's leaders in Reykjavik. She also noted that the band seemed well informed on current events.

Her aides showed reporters digital photographs of Rice smiling and chatting to the long-haired band members who were dressed casually rather than in their flamboyant stage costumes of black leather and painted faces. Rice, who had just returned from a dinner with Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, appeared in her usual business attire.

KISS, who are on a European tour, weren't wearing their trademark stage makeup, but were recognizable as rock stars to even non-fans by their hair, according to State Department officials who were with Rice.

Rice, a classically trained pianist, said she has eclectic musical tastes ranging from Beethoven to Bruce Springsteen. Hard stadium rockers like KISS are included in the mix and Rice said her favorite tune of theirs is "Rock and Roll All Nite."

But look at the photo - it looks like she met THREE members of KISS and a partially melted plastic statue of Paul Stanley!


VoxMoose said...

Pretty wacky. Who knew she was a Kiss fan. You are right, Paul doesn't look so hot. Am I seeing things, or is Gene checking her out? At least he's consistent in his cadishness.

Dr. John said...

I agree, Isorski. Paul is looking pretty much like Michael Jackson's evil twin. Funny how people do plastic surgery to look younger and end up looking like an old person trying to look younger. Check out my blog as I caught this story yesterday too...

Betsy said...

Thanks for stopping by over at numbmum. The Swell Season mania hasn't subsided yet over here. I've been downloading Frame's songs like crazy from iTunes. Who knew? I always loved the Hothouse Flowers as well. I only now am making the connection between the rapid switch from calm whisper singing to passionate yelling and back that both Glen and whatever the Hothouse Flower's guy's name is. Cool. And, yes, Neil Young was my gateway drug to music addiction.

Don Capone said...

My same thought, voxmoose. Gene is checking out Condi!
And yes, Paul is looking very waxy these days.