Monday, May 05, 2008

Neil Young to Make Announcement at JavaOne - WTF?

My day job involves doing public relations for high tech companies. So I am very familiar with developer trade shows like JavaOne, which is put on by Sun Microsystems every year. In fact, we sometime try to get our clients to speak at this and other trade shows like it.

But I did a double take when I saw that Neil Young was going to make an appearance at JavaOne tomorrow. Not just to play some songs, but to make an announcement with Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz.

Neil recently said he was postponing the release of his Archives project (in the works longer than Guns and Roses Chinese Democracy) so it could be released on Blu-Ray DVD, which uses Java scripting for the multi-media menu functions.

Could tomorrow's announcement be about the Archives project? Weird that Young would align with a big company though, given his very consistent and vocal stance against anything that smacks of corporate sponsorship.

But consistency hasn't always been Neil's strong point - he was pro-Reagan in the 80s and his musical genre shifts speak for themselves. So, we'll see what this is all about.

InformationWeek posted a funny send up of the appearance here.

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Helen said...

Thanks for the NPR link! Looking forward to Wednesday night - even if I have to eat the tkts it's worth $150!!! Glen Hansard and his band The Frames played in our college bar in Limerick all the time - never thought I'd be going to see him in Minneapolis 10 years later!!