Thursday, May 01, 2008

Waters' Pig - Lost and Found

I posted a couple of days ago about Roger Waters' Obama-voting pig at the Coachella festival last weekend.

What I didn't mention was that the pig drifted off on its own and was lost for a couple of days. Soul searching? Looking for food? Or just caught in a cross wind...

But it's been found! The Brooklyn Vegan reported:

Susan Stolz called The Desert Sun this morning saying she and her husband found a glob of vinyl in their driveway yesterday at the Hideaway Golf Club in La Quinta. Not sure what it was, they threw it away. This morning, they read about the missing pig in the newspaper and e-mailed the following to Coachella organizers.

"It is entirely possible that I have at least part of your pig. My husband and I live at the Hideaway. We found a large pile of plastic yesterday morning on our driveway. It has some blue, yellow and silver paint. I must warn you that it is not in good shape. Maybe the balloon exploded or something. However, if you'd like to check it out, just let me know. "

"We went and got the pig out of the trash and put him in the garage," Stolz said. "We have laughed our heads off."

Coachella organizers offered a $10,000 reward for the return of the pig. They were expecting that it be found in tattlers across the desert. But Stoltz and another couple found remnants of the pig, so they will share the $10,000 and also receive lifetime tickets to Coachella.

It's not the first time Waters has lost his flying pig. Back in 1977, it floated away on the second day of a photo shoot at the Battersea Power Station in London and was later recovered.

Here is a YouTube of the pig flying the coop last weekend:


VoxMoose said...

From your earlier post: "The underside of the pig simply read 'Obama' with a checked ballot box."

Of course it doesn't really "mean" anything, but there are definitely some awkward campaign signals, symbolism, and subtext with the pig floating away and landing deflated in some retired couple's driveway.

Sue said...

that's hilarious