Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mmmmm - Tasty!

In a re-post of a posting (meaning, I am stealing this from someone but I don't know who), we find today's classic nugget of goodness:

In a move sure to make the Department Of Homeland Security cringe and groms everywhere puke, Reef has introduced the Dram -- a sandal with a flask capable of holding up to three ounces of liquor, err, liquid encapsulated in the heel.

The Dram -- a common term for measuring one ounce of liquid -- is the latest addition to Reef's "thirst-quenching technology" line. Following the success of the Fanning sandal, which conceals a bottle opener in the heel, the Dram ups the ante on drunken-delinquent footwear. Features include a hidden plastic canteen in the heel with a screw cap that can be opened by using a key that is included, a miniature funnel to insure a clean pour, and a measuring bar on the footbed that shows how much booze is left in your shoe. The sandal also features a martini-shaker tread pattern.

Very creative footwear. I appreciate that they are not trying to tout the fact that the liquid sole may provide added cushioning, or that beach-goers can make sure they stay hydrated without having to lug water bottles around.

Nope - it's all about the booze!

Me, I'd rather go thirsty than drink some foot-stank heated slew that has spent all of its time between the ground and someone's gross foot.

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