Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Dio - He's 67 (WHAAAAAT?)

Any of us aging rockers worried about not being able to cut it as we get older, or feeling the need to perhaps take up a different hobby so we don't seem ridiculous rocking away as we get closer to the rocking chair, dig this factoid - Ronnie James Dio turned 67 on Monday.

Dio is 7 years younger than my dad. And I gotta say, if my dad ever dressed up like Dio, I'd shoot myself.

I am sure Dio comes from some crazy healthy gene pool, and I am sure he must have partied a bit in the 70s (who didn't? - well, I was 9, so not me...) but the dude is a testament that moderation and taking care of yourself can pay off in spades as you get older.

Dio - 67. Un fucking believable.

He was 65 in this video:

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